Team 203 Girls Lacrosse Club is a year round, competitive lacrosse club that focuses on seasonal lacrosse training and the overall development of girls from fourth grade through their college careers.

  1. We have a diverse coaching staff with many different levels of play and knowledge. Almost all coaches are former players from both the high school and college level as well as almost all coaches outside of Team 203 with multiple years of experience with players of all ages.
  2. It is guaranteed that there will be two coaches per team with a great amount of practice time.
  3. Well planned practices that are fast paced and incorporate the latest game strategies.
  4. We participate in some of the best local tournaments throughout New England while being best dressed in our custom TEAM 203 gear ... Making our program the most cost effective and best looking, on and off the field!
  5. Our staff is well connected with college coaching throughout tournaments allowing us an edge on recruiting.