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Team 203 Wall Ball Challenge

Team 203 Staff has put together a “Wall Ball Challenge” for our Players:

We have created a Wall Ball Challenge for our players to train at home. Below are the details for the Wall Ball Challenge.  This challenge does have a reward (other than improving your stick skills drastically). Players that achieve this goal status will receive a gift. 

Players will need to hit the set number of reps in a minute for each specific exercise. Players will need to pass all 6 in the time allotted to pass and be rewarded. Each grade will have specific reps for each 1 minute exercise. 

Team 203 Wall Ball Challenge tests (number of reps per minute for each drill).  Ideally, we would prefer all the players use their gloves during the Wall ball Challenge. It helps when they are playing in games to practice with gloves on as much as possible. 

Grades (5/6th)

        -1 Handed Righty (20 reps) 

        -1 Handed Lefty (20 reps) 

                -Right to Right (38 reps) 

        -Left to Left (38 reps) 

        -Catch Left split throw Right / Catch Right split throw Lefty (30 reps) 

        -Strong Hand Behind the Back Pass / Catch Strong hand (10 reps) 

Grades (7/8th)

        -1 Handed Righty (32 reps) 

        -1 Handed Lefty (32 reps) 

        -Rt to Rt (42 reps)

        -Left to Lft (42 reps)

        -Catch Left split throw Right / Catch Right  split throw Lefty (35 reps) 

        -Strong Hand Behind the Back Pass / (20 reps) 

High School

        -1 Handed Righty (40 reps) 

        -1 Handed Lefty (40 reps) 

        -Rt to Rt (47 reps)

        -Left to Lft (47 reps)

        -Catch Left split throw Right / Catch Right split throw Lefty (40  reps) 

        -Strong Hand Behind the Back Pass / Catch Strong hand (24 reps) 

Players are expected to train / practice on their own at home. Practice should take 15 minutes per day. If a player practices 3-4 days a week for 30 or more days, they should be able to pass this challenge. (If they practice correctly). 

*Long poles & goalie use short poles for this challenge.

The test can be done on a bounce back or wall. (If a player does not have a bounce back at home, finding a wall at a school or somewhere close to home will work). 

When a player is at home and is able to complete each challenge in the time allotted, the player should then video himself/herself completing each stick skill (no stopping the video while doing the test and the video needs to be emailed into us.

There can be no stoppage in the video and to pass you must complete all 6 challenges with the number of reps completed in the 1 minute challenge / per skill. Email for official review.

The Wall Ball Challenge will run from January 2015 - Memorial Day 2015. 

IMPORTANT- Before you grab your stick each day, make sure you are getting all A's and B's in the classroom, NO C's !  

Here is a training tip to help you. 

First, this will be tough and players will NOT pass unless they put the time in. Players will be able to pass it if they work at it.

Train to get the most reps per exercise (do not stop after a minute when training). 

For example: You should try for 50 reps in each (un-timed) and your goal should be "no drops". Once you can get 50 in each hand without a drop, that is when you should start to time yourself, not before. 

Also, your wrists and arms will get tired when training. This is one of the goals of the training program. By practicing you will strengthen your arms, wrists and fingers which will help with your sticks skills and also increase shot speed. 

IMPORTANT- Do not choke up on your stick and quick stick.  This challenge requires you to have one hand at or around your butt end and the other hand 12-15 inches up the shaft. Remember you need to be at least four (4) strides from your throwback or wall for the challenge to count.

Best of Luck to you all.  Our staff looks forward to rewarding those that put in the time working towards having the BEST STICK SKILLS in CT!!! 



Rosters are posted at "2015 Boys Summer Team Info" and "Girls Program" tabs. 

We are still looking for players for the following teams;

2021 Team (current 6th grade) 5 Athletes Needed

2020 (current 7th grade) 1 Attack, 1 Midfield, 1 Defenseman Needed

To inquire please email Director Eric Bailey

For those currently on the roster and to ensure your son/daughters roster spot PLEASE "Register Online" ASAP.



Please visit horizontal tab "SUMMER CAMP for details! We are expecting 100+ boys this summer so register today!



Players, Parents & Friends of the Program

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Thank you!!!

In the Spirit of Success,

Eric Bailey
Program Director

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